LNTT integrated 4.8 MW of cooling capacity distributed over 10 machines. LNTT designed and manufactured the integration of 10 reversible chilled water production units with associated hydraulic modules into specific mobile frames. The power ranged from 270 KW to 650 KW per unit.

Our customer’s requirement was simple: the kits must be transportable in a “Tautliner”

This represented a real challenge. With 650 KW machines for a volume of 38 m3, this only left a clearance of 5 millimetres.

This integration was made possible with a particularly clever design. Apave tests were carried out with 16 tonne loads, no comments were made.

LNTT has once again proven its ability to satisfy its customers with “high quality” machine welding.

The solution greatly optimised our customer’s transport. His old machines had to be transported using flatbed or container lorries.

When leasing equipment, easy transport is considered to be most important point.

Highly-experienced LNTT is able to meet all the specific constraints of leasing.

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