One of our clients, a subsidiary of Europe’s leading leasing agency, wanted to redesign the organisation of their storage and flow of furniture and accessories across all its branches.

A preliminary project and associated budget were defined by the technical unit of this subsidiary. LNTT was invited to a first technical meeting at their largest agency in the North of Paris, followed by a second one in their Lyon agency.

By carefully listening to their explanations, we collected information on both their needs and their expectations, especially regarding their existing organisation and any constraints encountered.

LNTT designed a comprehensive scalable system. This system included a universal rack on casters with adjustable special stakes.

These racks are stackable and mounted on studs in order to organise the storage of different types of furniture in each bay. These universal racks are equipped with adjustable centring sleeves with adaptable stakes.

This configuration is scalable as new stakes can be added for further furniture or accessories. In the draft project, our client had planned a “mezzanine” for small accessories and a forklift dedicated to handling the racks. These were no longer needed, which represented a significant gain on his budget.

LNTT has once again proven its ability to create added value for its customers.


Rack version chaises . La base universelle comporte des fourreaux pour maintenir les chaises en place.


Configuration en “travées” avec version armoires, tables et chaises. Toutes les versions sont compatibles entre elles.


Version armoires et chaises lors de la phase test industriel


Version tables en phase test industriel