In a context of increasing competition, one of our oldest customers asked us to design a comprehensive system that would optimise several criteria at once.

Our client had many requirements, he had known us for many years and knew we would be willing to take up the challenge. He asked us to optimise the space used in his agencies, simplify the preparation work for equipment and accessories before leasing, and, to top it all, optimise transport.

At the end of our first project meeting, he playfully told us: “Think LEGO!” We quickly thought about top pins and back lighting because we were already using stamped pins on racks for automotive equipment manufacturers and other rolling stock.

The first racks – now part of a large family – were rapidly designed and gave unanimous satisfaction to users in agencies. These are the famous kit concept “Clim 6” racks with the machine fully integrated with its accessories, the whole system being fully protected. The operator preparing the equipment only needs a quick glance to check that it has been prepared correctly. Transport is much easier, and as a bonus, the racks are perfectly protected.

We have since integrated more than 150 different machines. This fantastic project carries on contributing to the growth and reputation of LNTT, for the greatest satisfaction of our customer.